Fresh Cherries

New Zealand Cherries for sale

We grow premium quality, exquisite tasting cherries at our orchard in Oamaru, New Zealand. 

They are BIG, sweet, and juicy! 

Normally available from mid December right through to early February.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page to find out when picking begins!



Buy cherries from our roadside stall - Oamaru, Evergrow Orchard

Evergrow Orchard's Cherry Stall

State Highway 1, Wansbeck St, top of Holmes Hill, Oamaru.

VISA and EFTPOS available.


Our stall open hours are dependent on the weather and also the ripeness of cherries each day. If you want to check whether we are selling today, feel free to call or text Sheryl on 0272778408.

We leave our cherries on the trees until they reach the optimum sweetness, and then pick and chill early in the morning for amazing freshness. 

Have you tasted  perfection yet?


Tart Cherries for Sale


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Sorry! Our last day of sales was 10th February 2019. Watch this space for next season's ordering!

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