Sweet Cherries


Grown in Oamaru, NZ and picked fresh daily!

Premium grade, large and sweet.

A mix of varieties are available as the season progresses. through  to tantalise your tastebuds: 

  • Stella
  • Rosann
  • Rainier (Sorry we are sold out of Rainier Cherries for this season).
  • Lapins


Enquire online right here, or visit our roadside stall beside State Highway 1, at the top of Holmes Hill, Oamaru. (Approximately 110 Wansbeck St). Our stall is open dependant on weather and on ripeness/availablility of cherries. 

Cherries  normally available locally from early December until late January.   

From January 6th 2020 until mid- late January 2021 we can send cherries on overnight courier across NZ except for rural delivery addresses. The minimum order for couriered cherries is 4kg. Sorry due to local demand exceeding our supply we will not be sending Christmas cherries by courier in December. Please contact us if you wish to pick up directly from us in Oamaru.