Welcome to Evergrow Orchard

Thanks for dropping by! We are the Black Family, Warren, Sheryl and our children Ella and Jonty. There is always something happening in our little piece of paradise! Trees, Cherries, Bees and beautiful farmland keep us busy. We are located in Oamaru, North Otago.

Currently we are producing EverGrow Bags, and tending our Cherry Orchard, ready for some delicious cherries to be harvested in the summer.

We have around 1200 cherry trees. We have popular varieties, Lapins and Stella as well as the sought after white Rainier cherry, and tart cherries which are excellent for cooking, baking and juicing, and an amazing health tonic.

It all started back in 2016 when we met well-known Oamaru growers Fred and Jill Field. They were retiring from cherry growing and producing root control ‘Growe Bags’ so they helped us to carry on where they have left off. Our Sister in Law, Suz came on board full time, and now is an integral part of the business. We renamed the product as ‘EverGrow Bags’ and we sell fresh cherries from our roadside stall on South Hill, Oamaru. Look out for us from mid December time until late January/early February. Come and try our BIG, juicy and delicious cherries!

Be sure to visit our Facebook page  and check out our progress or drop us an email. We love to hear from our customers! Let us know what you're thinking!

From the team at Evergrow Orchard!

Owners - Sheryl & Warren Black

Team members - Suzanne Black & Aly Gilmour