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EverGrow Bag review in NZ Life & Leisure Magazine

Permaculture Landscaper Kath Irvine has run pruning and gardening workshops for almost 20 years, and shares many pearls of wisdom through her website Edible Backyard.

We love Kath's tips for smart garden design and her organic gardening advice, so we were thrilled when she gave a great review of EverGrow Bags in NZ Life & Leisure's Special Edition Series 'In your Backyard.'

EverGrow Bags receive great review from Edible Backyard's Kath Irvine


"Evergrow Bags are a smart way to make productive fruit trees a reality in small gardens.

Restricted root growth makes for smaller tops, channeling the energy into flowers and fruits instead.

... After many years of trying every trick in the book to reduce vigour in my much beloved but over-zealous Monty's Surprise apple, I may finally have my answer."

                                                                                                                                                                    Kath Irvine 

Article - Big Plans for Cherry Business




Our first year of cherry growing! This article explains how our orchard started out.

Published in 'Central Rural Life' of Oamaru Mail.  12/10/2016