What our Customers are Saying


Fresh Cherries

"I have just got the parcel and the cherries are unbelievably big and so sweet! Children will adore them!
Thank you very much for the such prompt communication and good packaging! 
Merry Christmas!"         Yula C.   13/7/2019   


EverGrow Bags

"Loving the evolution of my little orchard. All planted before the space is ready but they are happy to be in their bags and opening to the spring vibes!  Much gratitude,"     F. Stocker  5/10/2020


"Thank you so much for this invention. It is way more manageable than pots and no repotting on top! Thank you for my urban orchard and invigorating my gardening!"     M. Buschi  21/5/2019


""Evergrow Bags are a smart way to make productive fruit trees a reality in small gardens....After many years of trying every trick in the book to reduce vigour in my much beloved but over-zealous Monty's Surprise apple, I may finally have my answer."       Kath Irvine (Edible Backyard)   1/1/2019


"Just munched my first ever homegrown nectarine, straight from a young Flavourzee dwarf tree planted in an Evergrow bag in the winter of 2018. It didn't exactly look like export quality but soooo yummy straight from the tree!"        Ilke N.  5/1/2019


"As a garden newbie, Sheryl was VERY helpful in advice for my future planning of my cherry and apricot fruit trees to be grown over an easement. Very reasonable pricing for the product and postage to Melbourne, Australia. Thanks Sheryl!"        J. Vi La    20/4/2018 


"Our Evergrow Bags have just arrived. They look well made, but I cannot comment on their performance yet. However, the customer service and practical advice provided by Sheryl have been second to none."            lke N.  21/3/2018   

My apple trees (royal gala and fuji) apples grown in evergrow bags just under a year!

N.J. Balisa  18/11/2018

Courtyard transformation Before and After

Courtyard Transformation

J. Rainsford of Whanganui has done wonders with her courtyard! She has shared her photos and story with us:


 "I have a tiny, teeny courtyard... I am on a mission to grow as much food in my tiny space as possible. 

When I first arrived there was only rocks and plastic matting in the courtyard, not a plant in sight, but now I am well on my way to transforming this into my own little oasis.

I have the following trees in EverGrow Bags: 

Apricot 'Fitzroy';  Apple 'Captain Kidd'; Lemon 'Meyer'; Plum 'Hawera';  Peach 'Sweet Perfection'; Fejoa 'Takaka';  Cherry 'Stella,' and some garlic. 

Other plants, besides the flowers, are passionfruit, rhubarb, raspberry, blackberry, strawberries, spinach, silverbeet, various herbs, and lettuces, but they're not in bags.

It is pretty amazing how many trees and other things I have snuggled in here!                      

Thanks heaps for your wonderful grow bags - they make more things possible for me here." 

J. Rainsford (Whanganui)   Sept 2020