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EverGrow Bags

For easy care trees and MAXIMUM fruit!

  • NO rootbinding - NO repotting
  • Create compact trees that fruit heavily
  • Use ABOVE or BELOW ground - Won’t Rot
  • Movable orchard solution!
  • Great for fruit trees, ornamentals, conifers & vegetables
  • Materials and design tested over 30 years
  • Non-toxic ,100% recyclable,  UV stable
  • Less pruning, no ladders
  • Easy to birdnet and harvest
  • Double thickness
  • Four sizes available: 
  • 10 Litres : For small ornamental trees, bulbs, flowers, herbs. Great inside ornate pots. Note: The 10L  size is too small for most fruit trees.
  • 20 Litres: For fruit trees, berries, ornamentals, bulbs, veges & more. Create a compact fruit tree with maximum fruit and/or flower. Easy to tend, birdnet & harvest. No ladders!
  • 30 & 40 Litres: For fruit trees, berries, ornamentals, bulbs, veges & more. Let your tree grow bigger  -  yet still control size & encourage maximum fruiting.     Great sizes for blueberries.

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See our PHOTO GALLERY for examples of trees in EverGrow Bags

More Advantages of EverGrow Bags

  • Increase the fruitfulness of plants. The tree's energy is used to grow fruit, not excess wood & leaves
  • Trees begin fruiting at a younger age
  • Shifting house or renting? Take your precious fruit trees with you!
  • Stop vigorous plants from out-growing their location
  • Help prevent roots from disrupting underground cabling, pipes and foundations
  • Enable creative and versatile landscape design by swapping and combining plants over the seasons
  • Space plants closely - roots stay separated
  • Control plant growth rate proportionally to the volume of the bag. A 20 litre bag will produce a canopy up to 10 times greater. ie 200    litres (in conjunction with pruning)
  • Instructions included on our packaging or view Instructions here
EverGrow Bag Size Guide
Select the size of EverGrow Bag depending on the eventual tree size you desire.
We picked 70 nectarines off this young tree 18 months after planting in an EverGrow Bag!

Add an EverGrow MulchMat to help prevent weeds!

EverGrow Mulch Mats nestle inside the top of an EverGrow Bag to cover the exposed soil. They retain moisture, help prevent weeds and keep the soil cooler. They may be covered with a layer of decorative stone, shells or bark. Water will soak through them readily.  As the tree's trunk thickens, slits may be cut with scissors to allow the Mulch Mat to sit nicely around the trunk.

May also be used in the garden without EverGrow Bags - simply tuck around the trunk/stem of your plant and weight down with stones/gravel/bark.

Purchase them here at our online store.

How to Order

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