EverGrow Bag

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Great for fruit trees, ornamentals, conifers and vegetables.

  • Can be used ABOVE or BELOW ground - Won’t Rot or Deteriorate
  • Materials and design tested over 30 years
  • Prevent your plants becoming root bound
  • Our 10L size is recommended for small berry bushes such as currants or NZ Cranberry, bulbs, and small ornamentals
  • We recommend at least the 30L or 40L size for Blueberries.  
  • Our 20L size gives the most compact fruit tree. 30L is a popular mid range,  and 40L for bigger trees.
  • Bags kept above the ground  tend to get drier and hotter, choosing a bigger bag size will help counter this.
  • UV Stable, 100% recyclable, non-toxic
  • Shifting house or renting? Take your precious fruit trees with you!
  • Keep trees a manageable size through root restriction
  • Less pruning - no ladders
  • Easy to birdnet and harvest
  • Double thickness
  • NZ made quality


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Shipping charges

Our shipping calculator is good but not perfect - it may end up charging a higher rate than needed if you buy several small sized items such as MulchMats or 10L EverGrow Bags. If you get an unfair freight charge don't worry, we will include a refund in the parcel. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the shipping charges.

Rural Delivery 

We use Aramex couriers. Please use this Courier Locater link to see if Aramex lists your address as Rural. Enter your address, when it comes up select it, then click 'search'. Scroll down to see if it's listed as rural or not.

International Shipping

Yes we can ship to many countries - please contact us for a quote.

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Three sizes available. See our size guide.
Select the size of EverGrow Bag depending on the eventual tree size you desire.


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